This site was created to give Plugin Vehicle owners information about the many EVSE Electric Vehicle Charging Stations available . Also see wiki    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charging_station
There are many BRANDS of these power units used to charge your Plugin Vehicles from a Plugin Hybrid to a 100% Electric vehicle.  CHECK OUR KNOWN ISSUES BEFORE BUYING ANY EVSE !

2021 Many new EVSE are out. Try to get a UL listed EVSE. Get one with changeable plugs so you can use it on the many types of 240 outlets. 

I Donated a OPEN EVSE to the Historical Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman Arizona in June of 2018. 

You can even make your own from OPENEVSE.com   When you buy or make your own be sure you get the correct 240 volt plug. You could hard wire it to your power box but then you can't take it on the road or swap with another to try or test it. 

This site lists over 30 BRANDS of EVSE you can buy today in 2014. I'm sure many more will be added.

We also want to let you know about any problems people have had with the vehicles, EVSE equipment and software interaction between them. Problems are from annoying to hazardous.

Some EVSE are slower and some faster. Your vehicle also affects how fast you can charge. Timers are built into some vehicles and some EVSE units. Find out which is best for you. New Vehicles are coming every year.

From June 27 ,2014 EVen Consumers Report has information about home EVSE equipment. Maybe we should contact them about a few weak units and safety concerns.
Home chargers are available from at least 10 major companies, and they are easily found at major home improvement and electronics stores, starting at about $500. Added conveniences push up the price rapidly from there.

OVER PRICED or NOT you decide = Leviton EVSE $1,129.00
Evr-Green 400 Electric Vehicle Charging Station: 40 Amp, 9.6kW output, cord-connected (plug-in), Flush Mount with 50A Pre-Wire Installation Kit, Requires 50Amp Circuit
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Price: $1,129.54


LINK TO EVSE list    http://www.plugincars.com/quick-guide-buying-your-first-home-ev-charger-126875.html

The Nissan LEAF forum has a section about EVSE problems. Check the link Below =D---


More EVSE coming out from many makers- Also your 240 outlet has to match you EVSE. You either connect the EVSE directly or, for plug-in models, install the proper receptacle so the EVSE can be plugged in. The EVSE's specifications sheet will tell you which type of plug it has. Most are either NEMA 6-50, the type used for welding equipment and for most 240-volt garage outlets, or a NEMA 10-30 or NEMA 14-30, both used for residential clothes dryers. All are pictured in this online NEMA reference chart. NEMA is the acronym for National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which sets standards for all sorts of electrical equipment.

=D------------------------=D--------------------Latest Juice box product below=D--------------------

4/16/2015   Is this the same Juice Box as the EVSE maker? (Add another silicon valley storage supplier to the growing list. Juice Box  looks like a cool product that would be more than capable of managing demand spikes.  Energy (                               NO I FOUND IT"S A DIFFERENT COMPANY)       http://bit.ly/1DpBsnq

I found a EVSE test unit but it costs $3K. We use our electric vehicles and a J-1772 Monitor and it only cost $300. But if you want a test box here is the link.
http://www.pluginamerica.org/accessories/gridtest-systems-ev-emulator-tool > > Designed for EVSE installers and lab testers, this tool allow you to verify and track the installation of SAE J1772 Level 1 and 2 EV charging stations. Provides a simple pass/fail result or detailed explanation of the failure mode through its touch screen interface. > $3,000 > > Credit: Gridtest > > > Accessory Type: > Other > Price (USD): > $3,000 > Sources: > Company Homepage > EVE-100J Product Specs > Description > > Designed for EVSE installers and lab testers, this tools allow you to verify and track the installation of SAE J1772 Level 1 and 2 EV charging stations. Provides a simple pass/fail result or detailed explanation of the failure mode through its touch screen interface.


More EVSE from many manufacturers----So many they can't list them all. My favorite is the JuiceBox that can do Time Of Day, Vary amps and many power choices. from http://www.emotorwerks.com/
What You “Need To Know” Before Buying A Home Charging Station


The EVSEupgrade.com is also a great unit. You can upgrade the 120 cord that comes with your car and make it work with 120 or 240 by just switching the cord end. It also lets you put the power down or up if you need to. 

May 2016 Wireless Charging for homes is catching on a little.  

=D---------------------------------------------- There are lots of EVSE to choose from 

September 2016,   Many have asked for a link to get the Juice Box which I like the most since it can adjust the amps up or down and have a Time Of Day function to charge Off Peak and when it's cooler. Here's a direct link to order one for your home.

March 2017. When will all EVSE have V2G built in?
Video tip I: Bjørn Nyland introduces Norway’s and possibly the world’s largest charging site. The Vulkan parking garage in Oslo hosts 100 AC charge points underground and another two fast-chargers, all V2G-ready. The project is powered by Fortnum and the municipality that sought to fill up its garage at night.
youtube.com via cleantechnica.com
May 2017  Just to let you know . Public charging is getting faster DC FAST chargers. 100 kW to over 300 kW
These are not for home use. The electric cost would be huge. The service Entrance would be like a major factory. So use these on the road but charge nice and slow at home. 3-6 kW rates are fine and affordable.

Wireless charging is also coming. Is it really that hard to plug in?

June 2017
Some EVSE are claiming the need for 300 kW or more.
QUALCOMM Has demonstrated driving while getting a 30 kW rate change from an Inductive Road.
Tesla said they will make their Super Chargers Off GRID with Batteries and Solar! 
What will the future bring?